Slab Jacking

  1. GENYK 1040 Slab Jacking Foam 4.0 lb

    GENYK 1040 4.0 lb. closed cell slab jacking foam works to not only stabilize the soil underneath a foundation or slab, but can lift the concrete back to proper level alignment.

    • Closed cell, 4.0 lb. density slab jacking foam system.
    • Superior expansive properties enable better void fills and soil compression.
    • Environmentally neutral and inert cured material.
  2. GENYK 1080 Slab Jacking Foam 8.0 lb

    GENYK 1080 8.0 lb. is a high density two component rigid polyurethane foam system. This system is used for lifting concrete slabs, filling voids, stabilizing and densifying soil.

    • Closed cell, 8.0 lb. density slab jacking foam system.
    • Higher density foam can support and lift larger slabs.
    • Fast installation, curing and cleanup.