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Engineered with Graco’s proprietary piston pump technology, the ToughTek F340e piston pump delivers SFRMs (spray-applied fire resistive material) smoothly and is perfect for small to medium jobs that spray up to 100 bags per day and is capable of producing pressures of up to 600 psi using an energy efficient direct drive electric motor. This high pumping pressure will allow your crew to spray up to 150 feet from the machine and pump 15 bags per hour.

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ToughTek F340e

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ToughTek F340e Parts

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ToughTek F340e Manuals

ToughTek F340e Operation and Parts Manual 3A3109 View
ToughTek F340e Pole Applicator Operation and Parts 3A3244 View
ToughTek F340e Compressor Kit Instructions 3A3998 View