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Designed with Graco’s patent-pending piston pump technology and an efficient direct drive motor, the ToughTek F800e packs a powerful punch without drawing a lot of power. Spray up to 40 bags an hour from a pump that plugs into any standard 240V, 30A outlet. Graco’s ToughTek F800e fireproofing pump is setting a new standard in the industry by keeping your operation moving quickly and efficiently from one jobsite to another. Weighing only 385 lbs, this mid-size pump has a smaller footprint than competitive pumps, making it easy to get on and off a service elevator, push through doorways or move around a jobsite.

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ToughTek F800e

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ToughTek F800e Manuals

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ToughTek F800e Pole Applicator Operation and Parts 3A3244 View