Secondary Containment

  1. Z-3 MAX Pure Polyurea

    Z-3 MAX is specifically formulated for extreme outdoor conditions and colder substrate applications. It is a fast-set lining with superior hardness and elongation.

    • Creates a monolithic, seamless lining that conforms to any shape and size.
    • Stable from -40° to 230° F (-40° to 110° C).
    • Excellent chemical resistance and corrosion resistance.
  2. Z-7 CHEM-PRO Chemical-Resistant Polyurea

    Z-7 CHEM-PRO is a chemical-resistant formulation, with the highest amount of molecular cross-linking in its formulation it remains stable in a variety of applications.

    • Elongation ranges from 35% to 40%, giving this hard coating some flexibility.
    • Stable from 20° F to 170° F (-6.7° to 76.7° C).
    • Has excellent resistance to a variety of commercial and industrial chemicals.
  3. Z-3 HYBRID Polyurea

    Z-3 HYBRID provides a cost-effective, environmentally sound solution to commercial and industrial applications where maximum corrosion and abrasion protection is required.

    • Excellent for weather & corrosion protection.
    • Stable from -40° to 175° F (-40° to 80° C).
    • Good for chemical resistance.