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Offering a complete line of spray foam rigs, equipment, parts and service is key to Pinnacle's business and now we have also expanded our reach by helping provide financing for your purchases. Pinnacle is uniquely positioned to offer a wide range of leasing programs to make the acquisition of your equipment easy, flexible and cost-effective.

We only need some basic personal, business and equipment information to get your application started. After all, we know the faster you get your equipment, the better. To learn more about the financing options available for your equipment needs, contact us at 1-800-901-0088.

8 Reasons to finance equipment for your business
Increased buying power

Leverage your buying power with payments rather than one upfront purchase. You can also add extras to your equipment package for a small payment increase.

Budget more effectively

Leasing provides fixed monthly payments and a hedge against inflation. Your payments stay the same throughout the lease.

Pay as you go

Monthly payments better match revenues and expenses while allowing you to take advantage of the utility value that leasing provides.

100% financing

You can finance the full equipment acquisition cost allowing you to re-invest your company’s working capital back into your business.

Conserve capital

Equipment financing is a source of funding that lets you hold onto your cash, so it can be used for other areas of your business, such as expansion or marketing.

Tax advantage

In many instances, leasing provides a business with income tax benefits by allowing you to expense lease payments rather than depreciating the capital cost.


Typically lease terms range from 1 to 5 years with a $10 buyout at the end of the term. Customize a lease structure to meet your specific needs and cash flows.

Keep up to date

Keep up to date with technology by acquiring new and better equipment than you could without financing, reducing your downtime and increasing your productivity.

We hope you will take the opportunity to experience our industry-leading products and convenient financing. At Pinnacle, we pride ourselves on providing quality products and service. To learn more about the financing options available for your equipment needs, contact us at 1-800-901-0088. We look forward to working with your company and bringing you the very best products and service to enhance your business efforts.

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