Spray Foam Roofing

  1. ECOTITE™ 3.0 Roofing Foam 3.0 lb

    ECOTITE™ 3.0 is a rigid, closed-cell, three pound roofing foam. It provides high compressive strengths that increase durability, endure foot traffic, and resist impact and storm damage.

    • Applies directly to properly prepared existing substrates in new and retrofit applications.
    • Seamless, fully-adhering and self-flashing.
    • Improves energy efficiency and offers both a low life cycle cost and environmental impact.
  2. ECOTITE™ APC Aluminized Polyurea Coating

    ECOTITE™ APC is a fast set, rapid curing aluminized polyurea lining for commercial and industrial roofing applications, contains UV stabilizers for enhanced UV stability.

    • Fast Cure – Can be walked on within minutes of being sprayed.
    • Water Proof – Prevents penetration of water.
    • Durable – High tensile strength, chemical and abrasion resistance.
  3. Z-3 MAX Pure Polyurea Coating

    Z-3 MAX is specifically formulated for extreme outdoor conditions and colder substrate applications. It is a fast-set lining with superior hardness and elongation.

    • Creates a monolithic, seamless lining that conforms to any shape and size.
    • Excellent chemical resistance and corrosion resistance.
    • Elastomeric properties allow for expansion, contraction, flexing, abrasion and impact.