Customer Rewards Program

Customer Rewards

The Pinnacle West rewards program is designed to generously reward our customers for choosing our world-class quality products. The Customer Rewards program is simple and painless, just register as a member on our site an instantly qualify for immediate savings and promotions.

Program Highlights

01Instant Rewards and Savings
Our Customer Rewards program is designed to ensure you are rewarded and have an incentive to purchase from us each and every time you are looking for products for your foam or coating applications. Very simple, no keeping track of points or credits, no expiry date, rewarded with each and every purchase.

02Free Shipping on All Orders
Get FREE shipping on all orders throughout the USA and Canada when you spend a minimum of $250.00. Offer valid only on orders placed online using ground shipping.

How It Works

Membership in the Pinnacle Customer Rewards Program is available to all Pinnacle customers at no cost. Having a valid existing online account or establishing a valid online account with Pinnacle is the only prerequisite for membership.

Establishing and Maintaining a Membership

If you are an existing customer, with a currently valid Pinnacle online account, you will be automatically enrolled and eligible to participate in the Rewards Program. If you are a new customer, you will be automatically enrolled in the Rewards Program as soon as you have established a valid Pinnacle online account. If you would like to join the Customer Rewards Program please register for a free account.

Program Changes

Pinnacle reserves the right to change the Rewards Program rules, benefits, regulations, and any applicable special offers, at any time and without notice.