Graco PowerStation

As low as $47,890.80


Turn your standard Reactor 2 into an “integrated” version to save diesel fuel. The innovative design of the Integrated PowerStation re-purposes wasted heat and saves energy. With an upgraded Tier 4 diesel engine you get more horsepower with fewer emissions. Available with an optional 20 or 35 CFM Rotary Vane Compressor and refrigerated air dryer.


The all new Integrated PowerStation, including a Tier 4 Final engine and optional 20 or 35 CFM Rotary Vane Compressor and refrigerated air dryer, features a compact design, smaller footprint, and is plug-and-play with standard Reactor 2 proportioners, making it easy to set up your rig and to start spraying quickly. A Graco engineered solution that gives you more air power, more auxiliary power, more layout flexibility, more heat options and more fuel savings.

The Integrated PowerStation provides more compressed air and more auxiliary electrical power. The new engine utilizes a power take-off (PTO) to efficiently run the compressor. The engine PTO belt drives the air compressor, resulting in more auxiliary electrical power being available: 30+ amps at 240v. Using a Reactor 2 proportioner also provides a back-up primary heat option if shore power or a temporary generator is ever desired.

With just one pass through the heat exchanger, materials can be heated to a Delta T (change in temperature) of 100°F (56°C) (Max Delta T 140°F when using 4 kW boost heat). That’s 25% more than a standard Reactor model. Because of this better Delta T performance, you don’t have to wait as long for materials to preheat.

Plug-and-play with Reactor 2 allows for more spray rig configuration. You can locate the Reactor 2 up to 20’ away from your GenSet. Easily install the Integrated PowerStation in a separate room for better temperature control of your chemicals.


  • Plug-and-play with Reactor 2 E-30, E-XP2, H-30, and H-XP2
  • Available with an optional 20 or 35 CFM Rotary Vane Compressor and refrigerated air dryer
  • Layout flexibility with available heat exchanger relocation kit
  • Ability to remote mount the proportioner with up to 20 feet (6 m) of chemical hose from Integrated PowerStation
  • Open pallet design provides easy access and maintenance to critical components: heat recovery system, air compressor and engine
  • A remote mount heat exchanger (HX) kit is available to relocate your HX’s to the conditioned space of the rig
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