ECOTITE™ 4.0 lb Slab Jacking Foam


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ECOTITE™ 4.0 lb slab jacking foam is a two component high density expanding thermo set polyurethane resin system formulated for the under sealing, void filling & lifting of settled concrete, the stabilizing & stiffening of weak soils, and for the encapsulation & sealing of buried infrastructure.

4.0 lb.

Free Rise Density

75 psi

Compressive Strength

17 sec

Cream Time


ECOTITE™ 4.0 lb slab jacking polyurethane foam is sold in 208 liter (55 gallon) steel drum sets and 946 liter (250 gallon) tote sets.


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ECOTITE™ 4.0 lb is a two component rigid polyurethane foam system specially formulated to increase the bearing capacity of the ground beneath a foundation. This system is used for lifting concrete slabs, filling voids, stabilizing and densifying soil.

ECOTITE™ sets up quickly after the application (will usually reach 80-90% full strength after 15 minutes), can be injected in wet environments and will bond with soil and concrete.

Key Features

  • Superior expansive properties enable better void fills and soil compression.
  • 90% faster than competitive solutions.
  • Lightweight (less than 5% of comparable quantity of cement or grout) - reduces the risk of overburden on already distressed soil.
  • Up to 75% less than slab replacement cost.
  • Environmentally neutral and inert cured material, does not contribute to soil or water contamination.