• Used 16 Foot PROLIGHT Spray Foam Rig
  • Used 16 Foot PROLIGHT Spray Foam Rig
  • Used 16 Foot PROLIGHT Spray Foam Rig
  • Used 16 Foot PROLIGHT Spray Foam Rig

Used Graco Reactor 2 E-XP2i


This used spray equipment package has been fully serviced and is ready to work. A complete system for polyurea applications, the integrated series of Reactor proportioning systems combine an Electric Reactor, a diesel generator, rotary air compressor, and refridgerated air dryer into one package. The integrated series of Reactor Proportioning Systems use the heat from the diesel engine to heat the A and B materials. Depending on the model, this eliminates or significantly reduces the need for electrical heaters - reducing your fuel costs.

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Max Pressure: 3500 psi (240 Bar)
Max Hose Length: 310ft (94m)
Max Fluid Temp: 190°F (88°C)
Heater Power: 4.0 kW
Max Output/min: 2.0 gal (7.6 L)

Key Features

  • Saves diesel fuel costs - on average of $7,000 annually
  • Improves productivity - with advanced, easy to use controls
  • Eliminates guesswork - the system is totally engineered and tested by Graco
  • Eliminates costly power issues - associated with shore power and low cost generators
  • Start spraying sooner - with improved heating capacity
  • Improves spray performance - with consistent pressure at the gun
  • Advanced Display Module (ADM) tracks, monitors and saves project information
  • The system pulls heat from the engine to heat the A and B materials

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