Used Heated Hose, 3/8

Used Heated Hose, 3/8", 2000psi, SG, FTS, 50 ft


These used spray hoses are in good condition, fully flushed and ready to go. Four 50 foot lengths availble. Graco heated hose set, 3/8" ID x 50 ft, includes blue mesh scuff guard and FTS cable (Thermocouple). Manufactured by Graco. Graco hoses are wrapped with a copper heating element at a precise pitch to achieve accurate, uniform heating.

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Graco Heated Hose Set
50 Foot Length
2000 psi
3/8 Inch Inside Diameter
Blue Mesh Scuff Guard
FTS cable (Thermocouple)

Key Features

  • Designed specifically for use with Graco Reactors
  • Multi-strand copper heating element provides 10-times the flex life compared to previous flat copper heating element
  • Covered with proprietary butyl cover for protection against moisture sensitive isocyanate
  • Covered with foam insulation for heat retention
  • Designed with different fitting sizes on the isocyanate and resin hoses to prevent accidental connection of the wrong hoses
  • Designed with a custom splice kit to electrically connect hoses

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