Coatings Estimator

The coatings estimator is a free tool to assist applicators in determining the amount of material required to coat a specified area at a certain thickness.

Coatings Estimator.xlsx
Enter the total sq ft.  
    sq. ft.    
Enter desired coating thickness in mils  
1/16" = 62.5 mil mil  
1/8" = 125 mil  
3/16" = 187.5 mil  
1/4" = 250 mil  
1/2" = 500 mil  
Total Chemical Required  
  Drum Sets    
  *Includes 10% material waste  
Enter Chemical Cost  
Drum Set Cost Enter your cost for a drum set  
Drum Set Lbs Enter total weight of material in drum set
Cost Per Lbs    
Cost Per Gal    
Chemical Cost  
Total Material Cost    
Cost Per Sq. Ft.    
  *Includes 10% material waste  
Add Markup  
Markup %  
Retail Price  
Total Retail Price  
Price Per Sq. Ft.  
  *Includes 10% material waste